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Robin Schulz feat. Alida - In your Eyes (Metal Cover by UMC)

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This is my metal cover of In your Eyes by Robin Schulz feat. Alida
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Was geht ab! UMC ( Ultimate Music Covers) is Tobias Derer from Germany and I'm running UMC as a DIY-Musician all on my own. I love to feature long time friends of mine singing or playing great songs in metal with me. All the video- and audio-recording, producing and editing is done by myself. I'm forever grateful to everyone who buys my music so I can do this for a living.

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Featured Artist: Moe (Moritz Specht)

Follow his band UNSETTLED SIGHT
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Vocals Male: Moe (Moritz Specht)
Vocals Fem.: Anna-Lena Derer
Drums, Guitar and Bass: Tobias Derer
Video: TomBa Media
Mix: Tobias Derer
Produced by Tobias Derer
Mastered: Thomas Feilner

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