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Rival Battle - Pokémon RSE/ORAS (Rock/Metal) Guitar Cover | Gabocarina96

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Hello everyone! :D Back to some Pokémon this time!

I played so much Pokémon Sapphire as a kid and I still think to this day that it is the best in the series and its music was so freaking good! For that reason, it often seems to be the game I come back to when I feel like covering some Pokémon.

I love the May/Brendan battle theme in this game. Pokémon battles can often sound too similar to one another but I always thought this one stood out as more unique to me which is why I'm here covering it today! I hope you'll like my take on it!

Thanks for watching, enjoy! See you next week!

Arranged & performed by: gabocarina96

Composed by: Junichi Masuda

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