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Metallica - Load, but the way it should be (read description)

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"what if Load and Relod were only one album?" this question haunted Metallica fans for 22 years, so I decided to make a version of the albums but picking only the best songs (IN MY PERSONAL OPINION) to make them in only one Long-Play. I tried to maintain duration of the album as close as possible to the original ones (around 76 minutes) so I had to give up on some songs.
The tracklist here follows the order of songs on each album (for example, The Unforgiven II, being track 4, comes before Bad Seed, track 8, on the original album, so I won't put The Unforgiven II after Bad Seed) but I'm not necessarily respecting the track number in the original album (for example, The Unforgiven II is track 4 in the original album but here it's track 6).
Nothing about the songs themselves was changed.

01- Fuel 00:01
02- 2x4 04:29
03- Devil's Dance 09:58
04- Until It Sleeps 15:17
05- King Nothing 19:46
06- The Unforgiven II 25:14
07- Bad Seed 31:51
08- Bleeding Me 35:56
09- Cure 44:15
10- Prince Charming 49:09
11- Mama Said 55:14
12- Thorn With 1:00:34
13- The Outlaw Torn 1:06:25

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