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Këkht Aräkh (Ukraine) – Night & Love (Full Album 2019)

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Debut album from this Ukranian Black Metal project. Absolutely banger of an album, in the very cold, early Norwegian vein and similar to the almighty Vlad Tepes or Mütiilation . Great riffing and beyond stellar keyboard work, and beautiful interludes, this album is the best possible follow-up to the already brilliant first demo, “Through the Branches to Eternity”. Definitely a project to keep an eye on.

Available on digital format on the project’s bandcamp page, as well as on the artist’s net-label, друг.

Këkht Aräkh:


1 As the Night Falls... 00:00
2 Elegy for the Memory of Me 00:58
3 Den Venstre Hånd På Den Høyre 04:32
4 Night 06:58
5 Her Body Strewn With Petals Black 11:49
6 Primal Beauty of Silence 15:58
7 As the Wounds Gently Bleed 18:13
8 Love 05:13 22:03
9 Down to the Depths of Inner Cold 27:16
10 Mysteriet Med Svartfiolett 30:07
11 Through Night Which Knows No Dawn 31:31
12 Forever Night Castle of Love 35:41
13 ...And Never Ends (Eternal Love) 39:25

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