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KASHMIR (tribute to Led Zeppelin)

Добавлено от Admin В Metal music
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Arranged and produced by Axel Bauer
Mixed by : Steven Forward
Vidéo editing : Erica Simeone

During this period of enforced confinement and isolation I asked myself what song could possibly give us the positive energy to open new horizons together. Kashmir from Led Zeppelin came to me in a flash, its grandeur, its mantra, a spiritual journey that inspires images of big skies and open spaces. We can't justify a voyage to Kashmir alone …. We need great musicians, exceptional in both technical and human terms. 27 musicians of differing origins rose to the challenge with both generosity and passion. Through the strength and conviction of their performances you can sense not only the frustration felt from being deprived of the right to play live on stage but also the intensity and joy of sharing music together.
I offer you all my profound gratitude :

Herve Koster : drums
Hadrien Feraud: bass
Johan Dalgaard : keyboards
Julien Tekeyan : percussions
Greg Zlap : harmonica
Olivier Louvel : saz
Gaël Benyamin : rhodes
Amandine Bourgeois : backing vocals
Jessie Lee Houllier : backing vocals
Erica Simeone: backing vocals
Gus G : guitar
Richard Daudé : guitar
Youri De Groote: guitar
Jean-Michel Kajdan : guitar
Yann Negrit : guitar
Nym Rhosilir : guitar
Frédéric Judge Fredd Consavela : guitar
Régis Savigny : slide guitar
Ludovic Egraz : guitar
Robin Saturax : guitar
Alexis Didier : guitar
Fred Chapellier : guitar
Fabrice Dutour : guitar
Julien Bitoun : guitar
Yoann Kempst : guitar
Swan Vaude : guitar

Arranged & produced by Axel Bauer
Mixed by : Steven Forward
Vidéo editing : Erica Simeone

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