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I unboxed the Apple AirPods Pro | Is It Worth It?

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Are your regular AirPods outdated?

In this video, I will unbox, try, and review the new AirPods Pro. Hi, I'm DrWorthIt. I like to unbox products, try them, and give a view if they are WORTH IT or NOT WORTH IT.

We'll begin with browsing through Amazon reviews to see what other people are thinking of the new Airpods Pro. It looks like there's a lot of high reviews, even though it's only 4.2 stars out of 5. Not surprisingly, the Airpods Pro are sold out despite the high premium price tag of $249.00.

I managed to get one before they were sold out from the Apple website. After the Amazon browsing reviews assessment, I begin to unwrap and unbox the content of the AirPods Pro box. The AirPods Pro looks to be shorter in height than the previous Airpods. The box contains charging cable, wireless charging case, 3 total earbuds sizes, and the AirPods Pro.

Setting up the Airpods Pro is quite simple. You simply hold the AirPods Pro case near your phone and open it. An animation of the AirPods Pro should appear a few seconds later. And click connect and that's it.

The noise canceling is incredible. Although it's not sound proof, it's able to reduce a majority of background noises. I say it's about 80% to 90% sound reduction. It's a very noticeable noise canceling. Just this feature I would say the AirPods Pro is worth it.

The older airpods design did not fit securely into my ears. It kept dropping off when I move. I really like the earbuds on this design. They stay fit and snug. So, I'm able to move around the house or exercise without worrying the Airpods Pro dropping and smacking the floor.

Overall. I do think the AirPods Pro is worth it for the price. You are paying for a brand. The quality. And the new features like design addition of earbuds and noise canceling.

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