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Free Ride - Free Ride (2019) (New Full Album)

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Free Ride - Free Ride (New Full Album) Free Ride is a heavy psych power trio from Madrid with rock influences of the 70s, early stoner and punk rock. Have you been looking for something that will rekindle those memories of the 90's when every other week there was a party in the desert, a time before terms like stoner rock and desert rock were coined and the music being played was an untagged hybrid of punk and hard rock with a little psychedelic coloring thrown in for good measure? Well look no further for those memories will come flooding back in waves when you hear the self titled debut album from Spanish trio Free Ride.

Carlos Bedmar (drums), Victor Bedmar (bass) and Borja Fresno (guitar/vocals) are Free Ride a band who like their heroes took their grooves out into the wilderness to reach their audience the only difference being their wilderness was not an American desert but a plateau situated on the outskirts of their home city Madrid. Free Ride's sound owes a huge debt to those early generator driven American desert grooves especially those of L.A's Fu Manchu and Nebula, Free Ride taking the punky stoner rock of the former and blending it with the more spacier psychedelic forays of the latter. OK Free Ride are not reinventing the wheel with their debut release but with songs like the lysergic laced "Sativa" and the street smart "Libido Rising" who would want them to.

The band do step outside of their punky desert rock comfort zone on occasions first with the excellent "Crazy Woman", a song that sees them tripping through bluesy pastures, secondly with "Caravan", a hazy semi acoustic outing with low key hushed vocals and then finally with "Opium" a lysergic instrumental foray that touches on doom, heavy stoner and even a little psychedelic funk on its travels. We’ve had Sabbath worship in Freedom Hawk; we’ve had Zeppelin worship in Slow Season and we’ve had Kyuss worship in Lowrider. Although these bands pay homage to their icons, they bring their own musical excellence to their respective genres. Enter Free Ride. This is pure Nebula worship and they do it so well. Bringing their own musical flare to the Heavy Psych scene, they are truly masters of their art.

Review by Frazer Jones http://stonerking1.blogspot.com/2019/06/free-ride-free-ride-review.html

1. Sativa
2. Free Ride
3. Die Forever
4. Libido Rising
5. Nowhere Fast
6. Rolling the Wheel
7. Caravan
8. Nothing to Lose
9. Horny and Lonely
10. Crazy Woman
11. Opium

Support Free Ride by purchasing the album here https://freerideband.bandcamp.com/album/free-ride


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