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ASTRAL SLEEP - Integratron **including lyrics**

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track 2 of 'Astral Doom Musick' , the upcoming 3rd album of Finnish doom band Astral Sleep released in 2020. Full album releases through Saarni Records on May 22, 2020.


"The light of day
Scorches brightly
Sand beneath my feet
Feels my path
Dunes fill the horizon
At the end of day I shall see
The arcane signs
Revealed to me
The mystery of the ancients
The secret from above
The wisdom of the mountain
Philosophy of the starborn
With this mission
The world shall see my triumph
And the stars
They guide my way
Into that place
That I seek tonight
That I see tonight perhaps
The moonlight
will guide my path
The stars shimmer so bright
That it's time to make call
I call upon the powers that surround me tonight
Come forth, Come on
Show yourself to me!
Quiet is the night
But my mind is without serenity
Inside it is like a thousand burning stars
A Thousand collapsing planets and their remains
As I close my eyes
I sense a storm rising far away
The sound of the desert night
a strange sensation
Surrounds me
The feeling of power surpasses me
As I stand before a descended form
this unearthly being shall grant me
the answers that I seek
please tell me!
Divine wisdom
of earth, moon and stars
Within the reach of my hands
But the revelation has always been with me
Thus I bury it in the sand
And fade away from this forsaken land
Sun that burns
Night that shivers
As a ride into the night
Redundant days under the sun
Aided by the moon light
Guide me down from the stars
Into the earth and below"

uploaded with the label's permission...

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